A winner’s trip to Vancouver

For four days I went on a trip to Vancouver accompanied by Freddie Prins, 22 years old. She is the winner of the Young Lady Business Academy 1.0.

In Vancouver and Victoria we met with some business associates of mine. Some of them I have known since 1995, when I had my first business trip to Canada by the age of 23. Back then I was still in college and, just as Freddie is now, a little green.

It still baffles me, the fact that I, as an experiences businesswoman, am able to come here to give Freddie the opportunity to get acquainted with the extraordinary energy of my business relations. It is not without cause that I am doing business with some of them for a very long time. Not just because of their personality, but also because they live up to the same core values which I personally deem of high importance and are incorporated into my entire company; Jan Doets.

It is not accidentally that many of my good business associates are men; even though I became ‘Business Woman of the Year’ and focus on myself as a ‘role model’ for women and ‘Young Ladies’ in particular. It is men as well as women that inspire me. Which means I am not solitary-minded.

What did Freddie gather from this? All thirteen women and men we met were so grounded, so aware of who they were. With that I want to say that they all gave her the advice to go with her ‘gut’. She got the advice to follow her heart to become successful. Only then you give yourself with a full 200%. Leadership in to see talent and give others the opportunity to grow. Power can blind someone. As a good leader, be sure to know your place, only then you can stay a good leader and example. You will have to take risk to achieve success. Do not let hordes, placed by people who want to limit you, derive you from your path. Exquisite advice!

I have also learned a lot and gained a lot of inspiration. For me it was very special to see this other side of my business acquaintances. It is delightful to see how enthusiastic and involved they reacted towards Freddie. They all gave her strength and confidence.

A very special encounter in Vancouver was the a meeting with the ‘Business Woman of the Year of Canada’, Andrea Scott. I have met Andrea this summer in Reims. Together with 10 other business women from all over the world we received our own grapevine from ‘Veuve Clicquot’. This was a thing since Madame Clicquot was the first influential business woman in the world in 1805.

Andrea owns a specialised company in face-/skin treatment. She is an extraordinary business woman, and also very level-headed and focus driven. Her company is called ‘Skoah’. The fact that she shared her challenges, developments, insecurities and successes was exceptional.

This winner’s trip was something Freddie will never forget, ‘life defining’. For me an overwhelming sense of gratitude for my business acquaintances and friendships in Canada was prevalent. Rightly so I have been carrying the title ‘Mrs. Canada’ since 1995!

Do you know any motivated ‘Young Ladies’ who want to participate in the 2nd Academy? Signing up for the Young Lady Business Academy 2.0 is possible up until the 5th of November 2017.