Elske Doets Young Lady Business Academy

For young ladies who want to do, dare to take a risk and are persistent.
Do you dream about being a successful entrepreneur or business woman?
Elske Doets, the ‘Business Woman of the year 2017’, has made it her mission to inspire and motivate ‘Young Ladies’ to chase their dream.

Did you miss the 1st and 2nd Academy? Grab your chance to participate in the 3rd FREE Academy from the 2nd until the 6th of July 2018!

Are you between 15 and 24 years old? All learning levels are welcome. Motivation is the only thing that counts.
Elske is going to inspire you and 12 other power women. You will learn more in a week here, than in a year at school. We will take care of the authorization from your school. 

The guest speakers for the 3rd edition are not all known at this moment. But to get an idea of what to expect:
Look at the scheme for the Schema Young Lady Business Academy 2017- 2e editie

  1. Signing up is allowed until the 3rd of June 2018 (see procedure below).
  2. The 3rd Academy pitch day will take place on June the 12th
  3. The Free Academy lessons will be taking place from July 2nd until July 6th Are you from afar? Then we will make arrangements with a host family!
  • Here you will find various short video impressions from the pitchday, the start, day 3 and the final day of the 1st Elske Doets Young Lady Business Academy.
  • Have a look at a TV recording Elske did together with Young Lady Daniëlle for RTL-Z here: hier een TV opname.
  • Do read Elske’s blog 1and blog 2, surrounding her experiences during the exciting first Young Lady Business Academy.
  1. Write your personal motivation + CV

Describe your professional dream in 300 till 500 words. This could be anything; from running your own restaurant or IT start-up, to working as an                           executive or manager at a large company in the Netherlands or elsewhere in the world. Dream and think big! Aside from that, present yourself and your                   professional dream by means of a short, personal videoclip (vlog). Signing up for the 3rd edition of the Elske Doets Young Business Academy is possible                   until  the 3rd of June 2018.

  1. The best entries / candidates will be invited to give a 3 minute pitch for Elske Doets. This pitch will be given in the office of Jan Doets America Tours in Heerhugowaard on Tuesday the 12th of June 2018.
  2. The best ‘Pitch Ladies’ will be invited to follow the Elske Doets Young Lady Business Academy for one week, from Monday the 2nd of July up to Friday the 6th of July 2018. Product development, marketing, sales and leadership are the subjects that will be dealt with. The ladies will have morning class, followed by working on a personal Business Case in the afternoon. The detailed Business Cases will be exemplified by the ladies during a presentation on Friday the 6th of July 2018.

6. The very best Young Lady Business Case will have the opportunity to accompany Elske Doets during a four day business trip to either the USA or Canada.               This journey will take place during Fall 2018. Read the blog about the winner’s trip from the Young Lady Academy 1.0 and the after movie that comes with it           here: Lees de blog + bekijk de aftermovie

Obviously, I hope to receive many good and inspiring professional dreams!

Lots of luck!

Elske Doets Young Lady Business Academy

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