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Elske Doets, Business Woman, Speaker and Motivator

Since I was named Business Woman of the Year (2017) the course of my life changed considerably. Besides running the company, I found room to build on a lifelong passion: challenging young women to make clear life choices, to enable them to rise to defining positions in business and the government. In decades of growth as an entrepreneur, negotiator and active networker I gained insight in the deciding factors that make a career successful or less so. And through appearances throughout the country and on radio shows (‘Spraakmakers’ at Radio 1, BNR ‘Zakendoen’ at BNR Nieuwsradio) I had the opportunity to grow into a motivator: someone who offers new perspectives and is not afraid to ask the hard questions. In blog posts like this one I am sharing my views, trying to get an hold on present-day themes like self confidence, diversity, technology and climate.

A direct outcome of this new course my life has taken, is the founding of the non profit ‘Elske Doets Young Lady Business Academy’. This is my way to empower a new generation of young women aged 15 to 24, whom I am encouraging to make those important life choices via a 5 day pressure cooker program. So that they develop the guts to reach their full potential in the career that they are dreaming of. In the first place for themselves, but also because I believe society will be so much enriched by having women in important jobs. Queen Máxima, prime minister Rutte en Forbes power woman Neelie Kroes have already contributed to the Elske Doets Young Lady Business Academy. The program is completely separated from my travel company. What makes it so special to me and for the participants too I think, is that every time it is such a frank search for everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, including mine. And a quest to pinpoint everyone’s talent precisely, and I am part of that journey as well.

Because no one is ever fully ‘finished’.

A solid introduction to my ideas you’ll find my the Dutch book ‘Het lef om gelukkig te zijn‘ (this translates to ‘The Guts to be happy’), published by Prometeus, the third edition is in stores now. With evocative examples taken from my career and personal life I encourage readers to question themselves  to find their way in life and work.

More information about appearances and lectures by Elske Doets you can find here.

Elske Doets
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