Dutch movie premiere Great Bear Rainforest and donation to Pacific Wild

Doets Travel aspires to play an active part in keeping our planet livable. That is why the travel organisation is committed to help protect the temperate rainforest in West Canada. ‘The incredible nature areas that our travelers enjoy so much, are close to our hearts as well,’ says director Elske Doets. ‘That is why we support the non profit organisation Pacific Wild. To ensure that the unique habitat of for example the bears in West Canada stays intact. And that the next generations can still enjoy the unique flora and fauna of the temperate rainforest.’

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Dutch movie premiere Great Bear Rainforest at the Omniversum in The Hague

Prior to the screening of the movie ‘Canadian Wildlife, Great Bear Rainforest’ on Thursday September 19th at the Omniversum, Doets presented a cheque for € 12.500,- to Mike Willie. He is a prominent activist and indigenous – ‘First Nation’ – who made the fight for his people and their native lands his life work. 

Donation to Pacific Wild

The donated sum will directly benefit the protection of the rare ecosystem of the Great Bear Rainforest in West Canada. More information about Pacific Wild (link to

The public debate about the travel industry polluting our planet, is that an issue for you? ‘No, why?’ responds Elske Doets. ‘It pushes us to innovate! And to offer our customers the ultimate experience in a modern way within green limits. This means we have decided to discontinue some excursions that were impacting the natural behavior of wild animals like dolphins too much.

Awareness through green excursions

By carefully selecting partners for the excursions who work from respect for nature and at the same time offering the customer a taste of the beauty and fragility of the ocean, forest or gletsjer, Doets reizen remains fully committed to further awareness. Doets: ‘Pretending that as a tourist you ‘own’ the area you are traveling through is simply outdated.’ To deepen their engagement with the temperate rainforest, Doets travel is aiming to increase the donation to Pacific Wild substantially in the upcoming years.

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