Why men think my job does not go beyond cutting ribbons.

During one of my keynote speeches a spectator called some sort of ‘popcorn machine’. Especially at night and during my travels the ideas really start to pop-up. Given my almost ‘American roots’ I really want to do something with the ideas, since I positively embrace the ‘American opportunism’. Right now, because of all the activities as my role as ‘Business Woman of the Year’, there are so many special meetings with almost as much impulses. If you ask me, it is a blessing as much as a challenge.

As an entrepreneur it is essential to have ideas to strive forwards. It is also very good that I, as an MCO entrepreneur, am being triggered by my new role to formulate new ideas and perhaps visions and to intensify the existing ones. Usually you will let yourself be carried by the day and sometimes this is unjustly incorporated in later plans. My company has grown with 60% in the last three years only. And now, as a new ‘Growth ambassador’ for NLGroeit (NLGrows), I am allowed to tell and inspire entrepreneurs about my vision on how to grow with your company; an immense honor and beautiful assignment.

I met His Majesty King Willem Alexander at the top women congress at the start of September. Here the book ‘Gender Diversity’ was being presented to him. In this book there is also an interview with me. Very apt His Majesty King Willem Alexander gave me the order to hire more men, after I told him the staffing at Jan Doets is for 90% filled with women.

It still surprises me that some gentlemen think that my role as ‘Business Woman of the Year’ only consists of cutting ribbons and executing grand openings. This is a symbolic role that I, given my ‘mission’, deem to trivial. Last Friday I opened a shop, this was a kind turn and a one-time exception.

My mission to stimulate female entrepreneurship and topnotch carriers has become extremely concrete due to my ‘Young Lady Business Academy’ 1.0. It is a big success and together with thirteen power women I really had an effect on 24 young ladies; especially blond ladies. This is something a spectator noticed during one of my lectures. Which means it will be an extra challenge for me to receive more diversity at the 2nd Academy, which starts at November 27th 2017. Who will help me receive more and especially motivated diversity?

Signing up is possible until the 5th of November 2017, see .