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Elske Doets: “New book crown on my year as National Business Woman ”

My life has been a whirlwind since I became Dutch Business Woman of the Year 2017. All the people I met and the conferences I did, have profoundly enriched my view on the key factors to success in business and society. In one year I learned what would have taken me 5 or 10 years otherwise. I’m grateful for all my new insights and the opportunity to share them at the Young Lady Business Academy and in my new book.

As Business Women of the Year I made it my mission to establish the Young Lady Business Academy. To inspire the new generation of girls, aged 15 to 24, to pursue a top career. The Academy is a 5-day pressure cooker seminar on all the aspects of doing business. It’s all about what choices to make and how to find the guts to follow your dreams and fully realize them. What makes the Academy so special for me, and I hope for the young women as well, is the wholehearted search for everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, including my own. Discovering their true talents, and in the process mine as well.

Because no one is ever finished learning.

The crown achievement of this packed but incredibly inspiring year has been the writing of my book ‘Het lef om gelukkig te zijn‘ (written in Dutch, the title translates to ‘The guts to be happy’). With real life examples from my career and personal life, it encourages the reader to ask the right questions to find their way in life and work. I’d like to invite you to read it and take the journey.

Elske Doets
CEO Jan Doets America Tours