My new reality: gadget or serious mission?

The past few weeks were marked by several occasions that I attended as ‘Business woman of the year’. A very special occasion was marked by the meeting with more than 60 power ladies of my women’s network at Merlet in Schoorl. I treated the attendees to a glass of Veuve Clicquot champagne, while sharing my story as fledgling ‘Business Woman of the Year’ with them. It was quite remarkable that the turnout at Merlet has never been higher than this particular moment. However, was this due to the free champagne or due to my new title?

It is funny to notice that my reality is obviously not the reality of other people. In my perspective I am just doing my thing; of course I do this diligently, because that’s Elske. Doing my ‘thing’ has been appraised with this beautiful and honorable title. Apparently, the way in which I do business is not so common, which I notice by now.

For example, accompanied by cheers and a loud applause I was somewhat presented as a ‘gadget’ during the opening of a new department store in Alkmaar, in the presence of approximately 80 entrepreneurial local women. People put me on a pedestal and ask me if my head is in the clouds. No, this is definitely not the case. I am too serious and too future-oriented in this respect. I have been awarded with this title, because I may act and perhaps also must act as a role model and inspirer. I consider this mission to be way more important than the acknowledgement.

For that reason, the ‘Elske Doets Young Lady Business Academy’ will have its kickoff this week. Within the framework of this very special project I collaborate with secondary schools as well as with institutions in the field of vocational education and higher education. It truly excites me that this project provides the opportunity to consolidate my mission!

Furthermore, my second mission is to become the very first female coach of a men’s team within the ‘Eredivisie’, the Dutch premier division of football. In the scope of this mission, I already took a first step by speaking to Robert Eenhoorn, the general director of Dutch football club AZ. Very exciting and also fun that I, a woman, have found an opening to this male-dominated environment!

There will be more soon in regard to my big adventure of this year:  having an additional job as ‘Business woman of the year’.

Elske Doets

a.k.a. Spirit Bear

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