Why am I not able to win from men yet?

My first twenty weeks as ‘business woman of the year’ have flown by and have given me a lot of enjoyment, energy and new insights.

Many men ask me quite directly, often while frowning, if I have already increased revenues because of the extra effort. I personally feel like this is a bit simplistic. In response to the question of the gentlemen, yes although the results are still small, approximately 5%.

Given that it is not my purpose to return from network gatherings with order books filled to the brim. In my opinion this should never be your primary goal. Years ago I already learned that a subtle, in the eyes of the gentlemen, soft and charming approach is most fitting. When your product is of high standards, you are customer directed, which is a necessity, and when you are charismatic as well then the trade will find you.

It is funny that many gentlemen frown when I am saying that I take all my business decisions based on feeling. It seems like a stigma. Undeserved apparently, since neuroscience has proven that 95% of both men and women decides and acts on feeling. A beautiful confirmation if you ask me.

What is it that makes my title ‘business woman of the year’ so special? My professional world has grown so much. I have to think and converse about topics that are not always ‘top of mind’ for an MCO entrepreneur. I am acquiring a lot of inspiration.

I have established two missions when I was proclaimed as ‘business woman of the year’.

To inspire the first, young girls to become business woman or female entrepreneur has been a great success. The Elske Doets Young Lady Academy is a fact and the second version will start from November the 27th. Do you know lively Young Ladies in the age range of 15-24 years? Let them sign up here:

The second mission, to become the first female coach for a male soccer team in the ‘eredivisie’ has not worked out so far. This market is not open for me yet. Who can help me? I would like to do a little bit of job shadowing and browsing.

Which brings me back to losing from men! The picture shows me and my spouse Gerard, involved in a game of table football at Reims, near Veuve Clicquot. It was early in the morning, and I hope it was the champagne playing tricks, resulting in my 10-2 defeat from Gerard.