The Young Lady Business Academy 1.0 lessons

What an exceptional week have I went through with 24 ambitious Young Ladies! They followed the Young Lady Business Academy. I set up this initiative from my mission to stimulate and shape female entrepreneurship. 13 ‘Power Ladies’ gave inspiring and interactive masterclasses. During the afternoon the Young Ladies worked in groups on multiple cases. They exchanged their professional dreams and gave tips among each other. The average age of the Young Ladies was 16 years and they came from all over the Netherlands.

Just some quotes from the learning moments of the Young Ladies; dare to do, networking, focus, don’t give up, willpower, ambition and passion, I know what I wat and I know how!

I, as ‘Business Woman 2017’, also learned a lot this week. The feeling of a just world was of high importance for many Young Ladies where it was something entirely new for me. In my youth this was not such a hot topic.

Renée Minten, 16 years old, taught me that reading is daily sport for the brain, to prevent stress building. Renée has been reading one English book a week since she was 10 years old. She wants to get people to reads by means of an online platform.
Christine Hendriks, 15 years old, a brilliant girl, wants to use her passion for language and Asia to set up a traveling agency in this part of the world. I personally think she is way too brilliant for this purpose and will shine in science or politics in the future.
Micha van Os, 16 years, from Leiden, wants to set up a large company to develop an alternative for palm oil.
Freddie, 21 years old, from Breezand in Noord Holland, wants to take over her father’s specialized bulb company and expand it. The company is a worldwide niche player which can make bulbs virus free. There is a lot of business potential in a real men’s world.

The final was surprising and of high standards. It was a tough decision to decide who was the best and would accompany me on a business trip to Vancouver. Freddie was chosen as the winner because of the ‘sparkle’, business potential and the push she can get from me to get even higher up.

I have enjoyed all the 24 Young Ladies, all special, clever and highly motivated. It is a beautiful thing that the seed that disclosed itself became even larger and firmer. It gives me and the Jan Doets team a lot of satisfaction.

The next Young Lady Business Academy 2.0 will be on the 27th of November!