The art of seduction

Isn’t is grand when you, as commercial company, understand the art of seduction. You want to score without being flamboyant. As if your customers walk around a candy shop, that is special.

When your commercial employees are especially focused on reacting at exactly the right time and help put the right candy into the bag. Even better are the outstanding combinations being made by this particular man or woman you have not seen yourself.

A warm bath, that is what I walked in to with my husband last week at ‘Oger’ in Amsterdam. It is so special when your car is being retrieved from the ‘Oger valet’ and there has to be some waiting before it can be brought around because you are still busy doing your final purchase. Many will find it commercial, which is typically Dutch, a little negative. I am American opportunistic and in my opinion, this is a decent and active way to seize the opportunity. Every entrepreneur wants to score success. For me this was a gorgeous Saturday afternoon mini training on how to seduce or sell. This is something I share in a playful way with my own employees during Kick off talk. I do this to inspire them to become even better.

This seems like an ending, however, then came the disruption. In Reims nota bene, an old Roman city. Here I got, together with eleven other ‘business women’ from all over the world, a reading from a futurologist. He told us that in ten years robots will be able to give better facials than humans. He also spoke about that in a few years there will be some sort of joystick in your kitchen, which will balance your feelings, mood and grocery demands. That stick will seduce you to buy something just like it is happening right now in the grocery store. Technical development is unstoppable, which is a fact. And all the same I believe that a mix between humans and technology will be the biggest success factor for the future!