SME ‘motivator’.

My one month probationary period has ended. My new role as ‘business woman of the year’ does not feel like a new coat anymore, it is starting to feel like a well-fitted coat. My company, Jan Doets America Tours, is a family business within the context of SME. Occasionally people think we are still a ‘mommy and daddy’ traveling agency with daughter Elske in the middle. However, nothing is farther from the truth. I am glad to see that we are already getting closer to being a big business with regards to business development and that I as president can focus on strategy, innovation and marketing. These are tasks that make me happy, since they are focused on advancement. I also find it exceptional to see all the hardworking SMEs in my village to be so pleased with my becoming ‘business woman of the year’. It is because of their pride that I deem my title as some sort of ‘motivator’ for them. I inspire them. This makes me joyous, not for me, but for them. They who work so hard, many times more than six days a week, and often do not have time to think about the matters I attend to; matters which are important for every entrepreneur, however small or large.

I am delighted with the first inspiration presentation I held for the girls attending CSG Jan Arentsz, as part of the ‘Elske Doets Young Lady Business Academy’. It is exceptionally appealing and amusing to hear which questions the girls came up with.

This is how I go from ‘gadget’ to ‘motivator’!

More coming soon regarding my big adventure this year: a new job as ‘business woman of the year’.

Elske Doets

a.k.a. Spirit Bear

Owner and President of Jan Doets America Tours – Twitter: @DoetsElske – Instagram: elskedoets –