No excess or overkill, that is positive for entrepreneurship

Lessons by Elaha Abhar (Young Lady Business Academy 2.0 candidate)

“No excess or overkill, that is positive for entrepreneurship. Preserve calmness in elaborating your creative flows and stay innovative.” Elske Doets, Business woman of the year 2017

The Young Lady Business Academy has meant the world to me, because it showed me the kind of entrepreneur I want to be, and moreover it gifted me the insight on what sort of entrepreneur I do not want to be. Next to the practical tools that were handed to us to operate successfully in the business world, the most refreshing thing I experienced during the Academy were the diverse outlooks on entrepreneurship by the invited business women in leading positions. They all reached a position from which they were able to inspire, however an unambiguous recipe to success was, luckily, never given. In five days we were given fourteen masterclasses, and all challenged us personally to build our own, authentic way in entrepreneurship via a critical reflection on their own personal experiences.

“How authentic you are as an entrepreneur depends on the extend of loyalty to your own personality or character. The next step is focus, courage and willpower.” Lies Verburg, Business Coach, Mediator, Trainer

On the first day it was already said that the Academy would be about using your own power as an entrepreneur. Which was exactly what I needed. Entrepreneurship is not my goal, it is a method. A very powerful method to make a change in the economic system we currently reside in, while being a discontent customer. It so happens I have a question and the supply is inadequate. I believe that I as a consumer, and more specifically as a fashion connoisseur, should be able to express myself artistically, without having a direct or indirect influence on misery elsewhere in the world by means of my consumer habits. Yes, I am talking about fair trade and durable entrepreneurship. I, as consumer, feel partly to blame for the negative effects of the current globalised economy and deem it my life’s mission to show this can be changed by contributing substantially to a durable and honest world for mankind, animals and environment. I like to dream big, start small and stay focussed. Then I know we will eventually reach our goal. I consciously use the word ‘we’ because it is not just about me, but about a mutual question many self and world conscious consumers have. With that dream I entered the Academy as an idealist.

Very soon I found out I was not the only one with an interest and passion for durability, which pleased me. Furthermore, I have been confronted multiple times with the reality of the current economy, by speakers as well as the other Young Ladies and learned something about myself in my strong emotional response to these very profitable confrontations.

“Participate in what gives you energy and do it together by bringing people with you. Leadership from connection can make you utilise resistance” Inge Smak-Hemmes, teamcoach

Neelie Kroes’ masterclass impacted me the most, since I could really find myself in the view of the world. She told her choice of carreer was in coherence with her will to reach her ideals; bringing Europe together as one. Politics was her stage to endeavour in realising this dream. She made an effort to choose a subject she personally identifies with, which is exactly what I am doing.

Some of the most useful tips from Power Women, within the framework of the Young Lady Business Academy 2.0