Female talent right of the streets.

Yesterday I had the privilege to meet many young, female and motivated talents. It is safe to say that I am deeply impressed to say the least.

Together with the ‘Elske Doets Young Business Academy’ jury we experienced a pitch day, brought to us by the ‘Young Ladies’. A selection of 40 girls in the age range of 15 till 24 will soon be allowed to participate in my Academy. The Academy is my initiative as ‘Business Woman of the Year 2017’ to stimulate female entrepreneurship. I made the conscious decision to focus on young women. Therefor it was extraordinary to welcome such motivated and diverse talents.

A few examples:
Pien from Krommenie. 16 years old and just passed her Vmbo-TL exams. At age 12 she started sweeping hairs at a hairdresser, she is an exceptional networker, she already sells cars at an Audi dealer and want to be businesswoman and entrepreneur. She received a scholarship to start a studies at an entrepreneurs college, starting in September.
Julia from IJsselstein, 19 years old and second year Artificial Intelligence (robotica) student at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. A beautiful and elegant young woman in a lilac dress was standing in front of us with her robot and described her dream. She wants to connect feeling and technology! Extraordinary!
Laura from Castricum, 16 years old, attending gymnasium plus with an average of 8,7. Laura figuratively and quite literally blew us away with her pitch, in which she convinced us of her dream to become CEO of a large international company and ‘Business Woman of the Year’ in 2030!
I can continue like this for another 40 times.

I am looking forward to help concretize these girls their dreams. The Academy will start the 10th of July 2017. 10 Power ladies with different ages, backgrounds, training levels and points of view will be given inspiration and a helping hand. The best candidate of the Academy will be allowed to join me on a trip to the USA or Canada for even more ‘lady power’.

It is exceptionally difficult for us, the jury, to let go of some of the candidates. Young Ladies, you can be proud! Talent is indeed found on the streets!