I entered with a dream and left with a goal’

Such an energetic group of 26 Young Ladies came in on Monday the 27th of November 2017. It was my ambition to raise the Academy 2.0 to a higher level. In reality I had my work cut out for me. The Young Ladies were all even more motivated and more talented.

To create an image of the talent: Lisanne, 15 years, wants to become the CEO of a multinational. Cerise, 17 years, wants to become the Secretary of State. Marlieke, 21 years, wants to realise a quick recruitment for refugees into the labor market. Her plan is called ‘Hidden Talents’. Perfectly, Marlieke does not go for a specific role but for a subject. Neelie Kroes, one of the invited speakers, clearly stated that you should pick a theme or subject to become successful. Sooner or later the right role will come to you. First you should do concessions before arriving where you yourself want to be. Beautiful and wise words given by this ‘role model’ for women who want to exceed in life.

She also taught the ‘Young Ladies’ that they are the generation who be capable to cope with a dynamic in which structures and boundaries are insignificant in a digitalized world with dominant artificial intelligence. You should not think ‘outside the box’ but ‘without the box’, was her message.

The ladies received many precious tips, life lessons and assignments from thirteen experienced “power women”. Remarkable to see how these young ladies soaked up the knowledge as a sponge.

The first reaction on Monday about each other was; “finally, a classroom solely consisting of motivated girls!”. In my opinion it was a bit to well-behaved from time to time, being a successful entrepreneur occasionally requires you to take a leap of faith. Obedience will not get you very far. That is why I triggered courage from within the girls by means of sports. Boxing, push-ups, burpees and many more exercises. I was taken by surprise by Lola and Shannen who almost got to me. While I take boxing classes weekly!

A big sparkle for me was Merel, a 17 year-old from Baarn. She wants to set-up a collection of Pop Up restaurants. Merel calls herself Creatief, Enthousiast Ondernemer, CEO, which stands for Creative, Enthousiastic Entrepreneur. I found it a beautiful play of words and she surely is creative! Merel already has her own breakfast service, called ‘Vroege Vogel’ which means ‘Early Bird’. Merel has a well thought-out business plan and is well on her way already. She dares to state it is her ambition to become a successful entrepreneur! This is so powerful and is like music to my ears. She is a real winner, who did not see it coming.

Despite all the ambition and amazing plans, many ‘Young Ladies’ still need a lot of self-esteem. That is what I want to give with this Academy: power, self-confidence and the right mindset. I know how to get through to the ‘Young Ladies’, together with the 12 other ‘Power Women’. To attain qualitative change, that is my goal!

Last week was a present from me to the girls. I have enjoyed their curiosity and eagerness to learn. It was marvellous, I too consider this a present.

The “Young Lady Business Academy 3.0” will partake during the week of the 2nd of July 2018. More info and subscribe via: